The Bullzinis – 10 Questions

BullzinisThe Bullzinis are a happily married and bonkers couple who put the ‘fun’ into funambulism. Their wedding in 2015 took place at Wookey Hole on the middle of a 75m wire stretched 27m high up in the air! They are regular performers at Glastonbury and other venues up and down the land!

Maelor, aged 7, met up with Mr and Mrs Bullzini (Chris and Phoebe) at the 2015 Just So Festival in Cheshire. The Willy family enjoyed the Bullzini’s festival show more than once, and all three Willy children took part in a tightrope workshop. After all that hard work, the Bullzinis kindly invited us into their amazing caravan and made us a cup of tea before Maelor got down to the serious business of interviewing. 10 questions were asked. 10 answers were given. Twice. Here they are:

Maelor: What would be your favourite breakfast?

Chris: That’s easy. Porridge.
Phoebe: Veggie eggs florentine.

Bullzinis1Maelor: What is your favourite joke?
Chris: “How to you get two whales in a mini?”, “Down the motorway!” (**hard to write this joke down – but it sounds the same as ‘to Wales’!**) and “How many jugglers does it take to change a lightbulb?”, “Ten; one to change the lightbulb and nine to say ‘I could do that’!”
Phoebe: Knock Knock
Maelor: Who’s there?
Phoebe: Interrupting Opera Singer
Maelor: Interrupting Ope..

Maelor: If you could invent an animal made of the parts of 3 other animals, what would it be?
Chris: A ‘Draiocorn’ – wings of a dragon so that it could fly, a lion because it is king of the jungle, and a unicorn because they’re just magic.
Phoebe: A ‘Seaglephant’ – the trunk of an elephant, the tail of a seahorse and the wings of an eagle.

Maelor: Scone or Scone?
Chris: Scohn!
Phoebe: Sconn!

TightropeLessonMaelor: Do you have any bad habits?
Chris: Picking my nose.
Phoebe: I don’t have any, although I am very controlling in the kitchen!

 If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
Chris: Easy, Mr Bullzini!
Phoebe: I like my full name of Phoebe Babette Jasmine Bullzini. ‘Phoebe Bull’ sounded too much like ‘Feeble’!

 Can you invent a word and its definition?
Chris: “Unwobblificate” – where you are on the wire, start to wobble and you think you are going to fall, but you just manage to save it at the last second.
Phoebe: “Elepoise” – the moment when an elephant finds the perfect point of balance when standing on a ball (**see the ‘modelling clay’ comment later on!**)

 What superpower would you like?
Chris: To fly.
Phoebe: To be able to speak any language fluently when somebody talks to you. Even pygmy.

 What question would you like to be asked (but haven’t before)?
Chris: “What is your favourite trick?” – people are always asking me ‘how long’ or ‘how high’, but never about my favourite trick. It’s on a bike by the way. The bike is such an amazing machine; it has been around for years and is really efficient. Except on a wire.
Phoebe: Same as Mr Bullzini. My favourite trick is when we’re high up and I have my hands on his shoulders. We then walk with our feet stepping between each other’s.

Maelor: Do you have a question for us?
Chris: What was your favourite part of our show?
Maelor: When you did a funny flip on the wire.
Phoebe: If you were in a circus, what role would you have?
Maelor: A human cannonball.

Modelling Clay: During the interview, Chris and Phoebe were given the challenge to make anything out of a lump of modelling clay. If you zoom into the photo below, you’ll see that Chris made a lovely hat and umbrella, whilst Phoebe created an amazing elephant on a ball – displaying exquisite ‘elepoise’!


You can follow the Bullzinis on Twitter: .

You can also check out their website at and their blog at

A massive ‘Thank You’ goes to both Chris and Phoebe for giving up their very precious time immediately after a hot and exhausting performance. Extra thanks to Phoebe for supplying us with tea! It was a fantastic experience for Maelor and Eleri to see ‘inside a funambulist’s caravan’ and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Note: Immediately after the interview, a tropical thunderstorm broke out and there was torrential rain. The Bullzinis instantly ran out of the caravan, stripped down to their smalls and showered under the rain that was pouring from the roof of their caravan. They then ran through the middle of the festival in an ‘almost’ streak! Truly bonkers. Go see them!

Our review of the 2015 Just So Festival can be found here:


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