That Exam Pen Feeling

A4 - Revision Plan

I’m going to make an assumption here. I’m going to assume that you have bought an ‘exam pen’ in the past.

You know the situation. Due to the feelings you had the previous year of being rushed and having to cram for exams at the last minute, you are now a changed person. You have fantastic intentions of studying and revising well in advance for this year. Why, you might even get ahead of the curve and have revision completed so far in advance that you can walk, no – strut, into the exam room with the confidence that you’ll be able to answer any question thrown your way – as long as it is on the syllabus of course. But you are not going to reach that stage without confronting the most important job of all, and it is one that needs completing before all other study can commence. You need a new ‘exam pen’. Keep reading…