Rowan Hoban – 10 Questions

Rowan Hoban is one of the directors of the Just So Festival. She is also a children’s illustrator. Her latest book, Two Parts Mischief, was published in 2015 by Wild Rumpus Press.

Maelor, aged 7, met up with Rowan at the “Two Parts Mischief” launch event at the 2015 Just So Festival in Cheshire, which included a reading of the book by the author, Geoff Bird, accompanied by an orchestral harp and clarinet. Then it was down to business. 10 questions were asked. 10 answers were given. Here they are:

Maelor: What would be your favourite breakfast?

Rowan: Cheese on toast! I love it.

Maelor: What is your favourite joke?
Rowan: Which cheese greets itself in the mirror? Halloumi!

Maelor: If you could invent an animal made of the parts of 3 other animals, what would it be?
Rowan: The horns of a stag (because I’m in the stag tribe at the festival); the coat of a cat because they’re so soft; and the wings of an owl.

Maelor: Scone or Scone?
Rowan: Sconn!

Maelor: Do you have any bad habits?
Rowan: I am an eternal optimist, which is a good thing, but means I don’t plan for things going wrong!

 If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

Rowan: I like my own – Rowan. I like things to do with nature, so I’m happy with Rowan.

Maelor: Can you invent a word and its definition?
Rowan: “Badorn” – it is the verb “to put up bunting” – we’ve been doing a lot of it in the past few days!

Maelor: What superpower would you like?
Rowan: I would be History Voyeur Girl – I could go back to any point in time, but no-one would be able to see me.

Maelor: What question would you like to be asked (but haven’t before)?
Rowan: What have I most enjoyed about the festival? (It’s the tightrope by the way.)

Maelor: Do you have a question for us?
Rowan: What have you most enjoyed about the festival?
Maelor: The tightrope too.

Modelling Clay: During the interview, Rowan was given the challenge to make anything out of a lump of modelling clay. The results can be seen in the picture below!


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Two Parts Mischief is available online and in bookshops across the UK. Buy it here: A track including Geoff Bird reading the story with beautiful, specially commissioned music from Folie a Deux Femmes will be available to download for free with each purchase of the book.

Huge thank you to Rowan for her time and for the amazing festival – the whole family had a brilliant time!

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