James Campbell – 10 Questions

James and Maelor  James Campbell is a children’s stand-up comedian (yes, you heard right, and he’s great!) James is also the author of the “Boyface” books. The latest in this series, Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine, is out now and tells the tale of a boy and the world of zebra stripe-removal – to turn them into ponies of course!

Maelor, aged 7, met up with James at the 2015 Just So Festival after one of his stand-up gigs (James’s gig, not Maelor’s). If you are unsure about how funny a children’s stand-up comic can be, then a simple look at the photos on this page should be all the evidence you need. However, after the fun, it was then down to serious business. 10 questions were asked. 10 answers were given. Here they are:Laughter

Maelor: What would be your favourite breakfast?
James: Hash browns. You only get them in hotels or little chefs, and you can’t buy them in shops. I really like them.

Maelor: What is your favourite joke?
James: My favourite joke of someone else’s is “What is orange and invisible?” *holds out hand* “This carrot!”. My favourite joke of my own is…
*Maelor moved swiftly on to question 3!*

Maelor: If you could invent an animal made of the parts of 3 other animals, what would it be?
James: It would have a dogs body, the wings of an eagle so that it could fly, and the trunk of an elephant so that it would look silly!

Maelor: Scone or Scone?
James: Sconn, but there is another way that I use, which is ‘sconyah’

Maelor: Do you have any bad habits?
James: Snoring, not listening, scratching my bum. You’d be better asking my wife!
James’s Wife: He does this really loud hiccup and burp at the same time when we’re in public!

The GigMaelor: If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
James: I like ‘Shiny Tanker’, which is the name of a scrapyard owner in one of my books.

Maelor: Can you invent a word and its definition?
James: “Stripemonger” – it’s also in one of my books and is someone who buys and sells stripes.

Maelor: What superpower would you like?
James: To fly!

Maelor: What question would you like to be asked (but haven’t before)?
James: What would you do if you got stuck in a lift with Iggle Piggle?

Maelor: Do you have a question for us?
James: What would you do if you got stuck in a lift with Iggle Piggle?
Maelor: I’d probably press the button for the nearest floor and jump out – he’s ridiculous – his blanket is always stuck to his hand!

Modelling Clay: During the interview, James was given the challenge to make anything out of a lump of modelling clay. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that James is proudly holding his ‘phlonge’!

The Phlonge

You can follow James on Facebook and Twitter: .

You can also check out his website at www.thejamescampbell.com/.

Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine is available online and in shops (particularly your local independent book shops!). Get the other books in the Boyface series too!

A huge thanks goes to James (and family) for giving up his time at the drop of a hat (though he was unaware of the hat being dropped) and having such a friendly natter with Maelor; he loved it!

Our review of the 2015 Just So Festival can be found here:

Maelor’s Review of Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine :

[coming very soon!]



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