Geoff Bird – 10 Questions

Geoff2Geoff Bird makes radio. He has produced and presented numerous documentaries on a huge variety of subjects. He is also a children’s author. His debut book, Two Parts Mischief, was published in 2015 by Wild Rumpus Press.

Maelor, aged 7, met up with Geoff Bird at the 2015 Just So Festival in Cheshire, where, at the launch event for Two Parts Mischief, Geoff performed a reading of the book to the musical accompaniment of an orchestral harp and clarinet! Once Geoff had chance to catch his breath, he took a seat to have a chat with Maelor. It was soon down to business. 10 questions were asked. 10 answers were given. Here they are:

Maelor: What would be your favourite breakfast?

Geoff: Someone once said to me you should have a different breakfast every day. I usually have Alpen (the blue bag), two slices of toast with either marmalade or jam, a banana and a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Maelor: What is your favourite joke?
Geoff: Knock knock
Maelor: Who’s there?
Geoff: Interrupting sheep
Maelor: Interrupting she….

Maelor: If you could invent an animal made of the parts of 3 other animals, what would it be?
Geoff: The body and arms of a bear. The head of a giraffe, which would look crazy. And the back end of a fish, so it wouldn’t actually be able to do much!

Maelor: Scone or Scone?
Geoff: Sconn!

Maelor: Do you have any bad habits?
Geoff: I sometimes find myself telling my children off for something that I actually do myself, like drinking straight from the juice carton! (Geoff’s daughter added “Being a hypocrite then!”)

 If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

Geoff: My dad was Philip Arthur Bird and his dad was Arthur Bird, so I reckon it would be nice to be called Arthur Bird.

Maelor: Can you invent a word and its definition?
Geoff: “Fernarocious” – it’s when a bit of shrubbery gets angry!

Maelor: What superpower would you like?
Geoff: To time travel. If I could have a second one, which isn’t really a superpower, it would be to speak French.

Maelor: What question would you like to be asked (but haven’t before)?
Geoff: You’ve just asked it!

Maelor: Do you have a question for us?
Geoff: When you get to be what you want to be in your life, what will you be?
Maelor: A French policeman.

Modelling Clay: During the interview, Geoff was given the challenge to make anything out of a lump of modelling clay. As you can see, he put his heart into it!


You can follow Geoff on Twitter: .

Two Parts Mischief is available online and in bookshops across the UK. Buy it here: A track including Geoff Bird reading the story with beautiful, specially commissioned music from Folie a Deux Femmes will be available to download for free with each purchase of the book.

A massive ‘Thank You’ goes to Geoff for giving up his time and being so welcoming to Maelor, he really enjoyed it and the launch reading was excellent!

Our review of the 2015 Just So Festival can be found here:

The Willy Family Review of Two Parts Mischief:

Coming soon….TwoPartsMischief




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